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The email list if used by registered project members for sending meeting calls, administrative issues, etc. The trafic is usually very low (~1 message/week), except around consortium meetings.

If you are not a project member, but are interested in the subject, or are willing to join the consortium you should:

  • Contact the project coordinator and/or one work package leader.
  • Join the newsletter distribution list.
  • How to join

    Use the following form to create an account with the Mailman list administration software at University of Oulu, Finland. Your request to join will be forwarded for approval to the list administrators. Usually, join requests are processed no later than 3 business days, but it may take a lot longer during Finnish holidays season.

    To simplify the process, it's also recommended to send an email to list-admin (at) flexi-itea2.org detailing your:

    • Full name
    • Company
    • Contact info (address, phone number)
    • Role in Flexi project

    As a FLEXI member you will want also access to our Wiki server (Confluence). This also requires approval. First, just create an account here. This will give you access only to a demo space, without any project related content. Then, send a request for access to FLEXI space by email to list-admin (at) flexi-itea2.org.

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