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Tenth International Conference on eXtreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering XP 2009

May 26-30, 2009 Sardinia, Italy http://www.xp2009.org

Newsletter 1 2009 The fourth issue of FLEXI newsletter (no. 1, 2009) is available for free download.

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Welcome to participate in FLEXI Agile Adoption Survey! FLEXI Agile Adoption Survey by FLEXI-UOulu discovers adoption of agile methodologies in software development. It also studies challenges, risk factors, limitations and benefits of agile adoption. The survey can be accessed from this link. You can also have a look at the real time results of the survey from here and compare your responses to the aggregate level results of the survey.

FLEXI Project Management Survey is intended to discover project management in agile software development. It will also provide solid data for creation of best practices used for agile project planning and tracking in industrial companies especially in multi-site, multi-company and distributed software projects. Please fill in the survey and provide us feedback to help us make our subsequent questionnaire match with the needs of the industrial partners. The survey can be accessed from this link. You can also have a look at the results of the survey from here.

Flexi (Flexible Integration in Global Product Development) is an ITEA2 project (number 06022) lasting from April 2007 to December 2009. It aims to improve the competitiveness of the European software intensive industry by providing a flexible, rapid and agile approach to product development. This will ensure efficient creation of reliable and safe embedded systems and services in global development complex. The main contribution of FLEXI approach can be expressed as “From idea to product in 6 months” when applied on a company level.

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